Research Based Sales Training, Sales Coaching & Sales Consulting

SkillMaker Consultancy – India, has been established in 2017, with a track record of successful business through SkillMaker Training Services in UAE from 2013 to 2017. Licensed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India as SkillMaker Consultancy, SkillMaker Training Services had also been licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in United Arab Emirates with successful completion in 2017.

The Founder and CEO of SkillMaker, Ms. Anchal Andrews, carries international experience in Management and is an Author.

The key focus area of SkillMaker is Learning and Development within HR Consultancy. This comprises of a detailed Training Needs Analysis, setting up new business processes, highlighting existing business processes, integrating Soft Skills with Process, customizing Training Programmes and delivering a shift in bottom line driven by one dream between the Management of a business and SkillMaker Consultancy.

SkillMaker teams up and collaborates with various experts to enhance the Client Experience.

Focused commitment to Business Consulting with Learning and Development that meet the needs of Business Houses, Individuals and prepares professionals to succeed in fast-changing competitive environments.

To be the preferred partner of choice for professionals and companies for Business Consulting with Learning and Development.

To provide innovative Mentorship to emerging Leaders.

Deliver business solutions through a flexible mix of learning approaches and strategies by fulfilling thought leadership in specific domains.

We are committed to creating new solutions and methods of learning to ensure effective transfer of skill sets.

We partner with businesses/individuals and design customized programmes that fill skill gaps or create new skill sets.

Follow Up
We coordinate and proactively interact with businesses ensuring each programme delivery results in implementation of learning and increase in bottom line.

SkillMaker professionals conduct themselves ethically, honestly and with integrity in all dealings.