Selling or solicitation of meetings on the telephone assist in starting a deeper business conversation and relationship. Sales techniques are translated to telesales and marketing on the telephone. A customer decides in the first ten seconds of whether they will be interested in a continued interaction about a businesses relationship, products and/or services.

This module will share material and styles of how to qualify a referral on the telephone. The reason for the module is the requirement of meeting prospective clients that are genuinely interested in a business offer of an establishment.

The 7 Basic Steps

1) Greet and confirm whom you are speaking to
2) Introduce yourself and ask for time
3) State your purpose and introduce the company
4) Engage in a conversation and ask the right questions to qualify
5) Thank them for sharing information and state why you had asked these
6) Identify and/or create the need to schedule a meeting
7) Book the meeting with 9 closure techniques

The key focus areas are:

• What is Tele-Marketing?
• What is ‘The WIN Formula’?
• What Is Your Preparation?
• What Does Your Database Look Like?
• Voice Modulation, Intonation, Tone of Voice, Syntax
• Listening Skills
• Script Writing
• Qualifying Prospective Clients
• Managing Objections
• Methods to Book
• Managing Expectations A Prospective Client