Self-discipline is a skill set to achieve success with bosses, colleague cooperation and for customer satisfaction. This has a direct impact in today’s professional and social climates and we give our clients an edge over competitors.

The Effective Vision

While a Leaders role is to inspire teams and provide resources towards a vision, a Manager’s role is to deploy those resources effectively to achieve tactical and strategic goals, through the teams they supervise. Since we view people as a key resource and asset, we work with leaders and managers to strengthen their teams with innovate exercises, case-studies, role plays and fish-bowl exercises, supported by psychometric tests to determine, ”Where am I?”

Effective Business Communication

No matter how well individuals are knowledgeable and qualified it is of no use unless it is supported by effective communication skills. This module is designed to cover those areas which directly influence business.

What is communicated in person?


The key focus areas are:

• Communicating in Person
• Communicating in Writing
• Gathering Feedback
• Meetings and Presentations
• Planning and Structuring
• Persuasion and Influence
• Difficult Communication Situations
• Understanding Others Better