We ensure through various methods that Teams and motivated from outside and inspired from within no matter what the circumstances may be. Case studies and problem-solving methods are implemented.

Leaders are transformational:

  • Giving direction through vision
  • Aligning people to that vision
  • Motivating and Inspiring teams
  • Managing Change
  • Managing the new generation

The module will be in the form of a workshop where participants are facilitated into their own learning and discovery. Psychometric tests will determine one’s own style. One- to- one feedback sessions will be provided at the end of the module.

The key focus areas are:

  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership and Motivation Theories
  • How the theories are translated into an action plan
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Influencing
  • Performance Management
  • Managing by Walk About
  • Managing Change
  • Supervisory Development