Planning a decision can be a daunting experience. A three-part decision is always the best way to orient oneself to a decision. An individuals’ intentions are part of planning a decision. Its success is found in its results.

The new leader breaks a decision into 3 parts: intention, action and consequence.

Before I explain the three parts it is essential to understand some terms:

* Idea is a thought for a possible course of action

* Intention is an aim towards a possible course of action

* Action is the process of doing something to achieve an aim

* Consequence is an important result or effect of an action

* Decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

* Fidelity is the degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced

* Favorability is the degree of advantage to a decision


Qualify ‘Decisions’ by questioning the decision before taking the decision;

* Question 1: is the intention sound towards the decision?

* Question 2: does the action support the intention?

* Question 3: can the estimated consequence of the action be expected with high probability?

* Question 4: Is the intention, action and consequence favorable to the decision?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all four questions’ then take the decision and question the results of the decision;

* Question 5: Is the estimated consequence the same as or similar to the actual consequence?

* Question 6: does the intention, action and consequence show fidelity to the decision?