There are three primary elements of attitude that link to being open to change, decision oriented, self-rewarding and team players. These three elements assist in achieving a Raving Fan and Advocate for a business. A frontline professional’s attitude can be mapped by twelve measurements leading to over sixteen ways of being outstanding.

Attitude contains cognitive, affective and behavioral components. It is changeable by influencing the emotion and behavior of an individual. We shall use psychometric tests to determine participant present attitudes and use a workshop model to find solutions for change. This module shall explore the results of bad attitude at the work place and shall evolve resolutions to correct attitude and behavior.

A realistic attitude is thought, emotion and behavior that collectively make the consistent approach, to move forward with times and evolving expectations, leading to professional and personal development.

A person does not need access to a knowledge bank to apply a realistic attitude. This can come instinctively to all people purely on the acknowledgement that there is a reality; people are a part of reality, and cope with a world of consistency and change where choices are rooted in attitude.

The best education cannot account for a person’s choices. Theoretical study can contribute to a person’s understanding but without experiencing what has been theoretically transferred, will leave a flawed judgment of whether convincing to apply consistently or not. A practical experience without an understanding can also leave a flawed judgment to apply consistently or not. Further to experience and understand yet not independently judge whether convincing as ‘yes’ or ‘no’, is also flawed of whether there is a conviction to its accuracy. A realistic attitude is the bridge between competencies and actual achievement, in the spectrum of potential, by constantly redefining capabilities.

Can a person build one’s own capabilities?

Can a person emotionally recover?

Can a person own genuine thoughts?

If yes, then a realistic attitude is the easiest possible way to get the best possible results.