There are different methods to leadership mentoring may it be for transformational leadership, authentic leadership, servant leadership and more. Authentic transformational leader’s underweight authority and overweight reason. They get a buy-in from Line Managers to make things happen for the success of a business. A programme is set with project guidelines for effective Leadership.

An effective Transformational Leader in a leadership position is:

  1. Connected to friends, family and communities;
  2. Encourage questioning and creativity;
  3. Morally uplifting;
  4. Believers of universal brotherhood and not the ‘we-them’ thinkers;
  5. Leaders that set open architecture for inputs and evaluations.

Vs. a pseudo-transformational leader who is:

  1. Inauthentic;
  2. Tyrant of history;
  3. With a villainous approach;
  4. Seeks power & position;
  5. Talkers of empowerment and dreamers of control;
  6. People who overweight authority and underweight reason.

The most important part of being a leader is to know yourself and to have a clear self-concept is vital. Leaders may be formed through the outcomes of struggles, a natural process, finding a cause and/or learning from experience.

Practices as these can change lives and bring progress not only for oneself but also for a collective of people.

These tie in to ensure that your Personal and Professional Development Plan remains a dynamic tool, by stepping back to your values and principles every time you lose your way while values remain your beliefs and your principles as the route to meet them.