The relationship, time, investment, safety and feedback of a customer is the driving factor to retain relationships of customers for a business.  After understanding a business and its pulse, we design a customer charter and educate each member of the organization of the customer charter to bring in customer retention and more sales.

Even though leadership is a complex subject, action of leadership comes from the qualities of the leader. A personality comprises of various characteristics as the unique way every individual adjusts to their environment through psychological systems. A leader requires to deliver within a group to take into consideration the action of change. Change is constant and a change initiative would be an excellent way to critically analyse leadership styles. Incremental improvements would be lost very quickly with a large group of people to implement change within a business. An authentic leader would set up a staff development session to manage change initiatives with the following key steps:

  • Setting a result or goal
  • Communicating the vision, mission and values related to the result
  • Preparing a charter to execute change
  • Involve all levels of an organisation towards the change initiative
  • Identify change agents at every level of the organisation
  • Equip key staff and change agents to drive followers towards development
  • Set a culture for change with processes, systems, soft skills and technical skills
  • Communicate this change to every layer of the organisation with transparency