29 Oct 2017

Creating High Performance Work Environments

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The selected organization is an automotive company that has moved gradually from hundred employees to two thousand employees in twenty years. They have retail and prestige franchises. The dealership is based in the United Arab Emirates and are currently undergoing a complete restructuring and reorganizing. They have saved costs by downsizing in the local currency. The organization has accepted a proposal for a complete shift in business strategy in terms of Organization Design, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Performance Management and creating Communities of Practices. Recently, the automotive company had a transformational change by downsizing, this year. The decision to downsize has led to an insecure mind-set in the remaining employees of the organization. The change is supported by a critical analysis of Talent Management and Organization Design in terms of what would be required by the Human Resource Professional of the organization. Further strengthened by the automotive company as a high-performance work environment in terms of what assists the Human Resource Professional to arrive at the right qualities of performance and the initiatives to make the right decisions. The literature review amends my view on Organizational Learning and Development for the selected organization. The key aspects which will influence the automotive company are in terms of a “three-step process of knowledge gathering, dissemination and sharing implementation” (Armstrong, 2006). Learning and Development for the company would be a facilitation of “learning how to learn together” (Armstrong, 2006). Learning Sequences, alongside, amend my views on Learning and Development.


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